Are you ready to streamline your processes and create manageable workflows that help your business grow and turn a profit?

This is Kat.

Kat worked 15 years in the Technology world doing things like crunching numbers and implementing software. But Kat always had big dreams of allowing her hobby (photography) to support her and her family.

Limited time + big dreams + knowledge of how technology and a good workflow can make a huge difference = Kat's big dreams coming true.

Today Kat runs a 6 figure business on a 20-hour workweek and wants to help others achieve their big dreams too.

Whether you're looking to turn your hustle into something more or are ready to get your hours (and weekends!) back, you're in the right place.

Kat understands trying to figure out how to run a business alongside all the other aspects of life and family, all the while not losing sight of the passion that started her on the entrepreneur track. By using a combination of technology, processes and workflows, you can spend less hours on repetitive tasks and more time on growing your business.

wrapped baby newborn photography workflow
Free download: wrapped baby workflow

Starting out? Want more variety to your session or just looking to streamline your flow? Perhaps you would like to offer a newborn mini sessions. This download will walk you through my wrapped newborn flow.

Monthly Planner 2024

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Organize your thoughts and create an action plan using our 2024 Monthly Planner

Must Have Tools

3 Must have tools that I could not run my photography business without.